Countdown to India…

Hi everyone,

My trip to India begins in 5 weeks!  This summer, I will be traveling to northern India to participate in an 8 week intensive Hindi language program at the Landour Language School nestled between the hill stations of Landour and Mussoorie, near the base of the Himalaya Mountains.  I will also be conducting research for my Honors thesis (The Role and Impact of New Social Media on the Tibetan Diaspora Living in India Today).  Visiting several Tibetan communities including: Dehradun, Dharamsala, McLeod-Ganj, and a few other communities, monasteries, and Gompas along the way, I hope to gain an understanding of how Tibetans living in India are using social media to both form and express their viewpoints critical to the world we live in today.

Upon the completion of my language study in July, I will begin a 3 week trek through the Indian states of Punjab and Rajasthan in the far west and then work my way east to Varanasi, neighboring Bodhgaya (place of Buddha’s enlightenment) and ultimately spending a few days in Nepal at the end of my trip.

I have been “closing shop” here, so to speak, and have found the process a bit arduous and sometimes a little overwhelming.  Stay tuned for more updates as my departure date nears…


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