Arrival in Mussoorie

Walking up to Chardukhan for breakfast

Morning friend just outside my room

The garden just at my guest house

Arrived in Mussoorie Friday afternoon after 3 flights, 3 taxis, and nearly 23 hours of travel time.  The Hill Stations of Mussoorie, Landour Cannt., and Chardukhan all seem to blend together, yet each offer up their very own feel and uniqueness.  The temperature is pleasant during the day and cools off a bit during the evenings.  There is a haze that hangs in the air, limiting visibility of the nearby Himalayan Range, that I am told is due to the nearby forest fires that can be seen burning in the evening hours.
I have met so many wonderful people in my first few days here and feel very welcomed by everyone I come across in my daily travels up and down the very narrow and very steep road that winds itself through each of these communities.  My host, Mr. Pawan Gupta, has been remarkably kind and gracious in welcoming me into his guest house and I was able to spend a wonderful morning yesterday drinking coffee and chatting with his wife and visiting sister and brother in law from Mumbai.
Today was laundry day and I hand washed a few items of clothing, by hand, in a small wash bucket that sits inside my shower.  I soon realized the convenience of washing machines and dryers are something I have never really thought about and most definitely have always just taken for granted.  2 pairs of pants, some socks and underwear, and two t-shirts took me about an hour to hand wash, rinse, ring out, and hang to dry; a definite sense of accomplishment before heading up the hill for breakfast at a rather fancy guest house that overlooks the valley and is situated just down from the Landour Language School.
Classes begin tomorrow at 11:20 and I am extremely excited to begin my 8 week intensive Hindi language immersion at the Landour Language School….


3 thoughts on “Arrival in Mussoorie

  1. Sounds like a great start to an amazing adventure. I hope your clothes are quick drying 🙂 . I look forward to reading your posts. Are you doing any yoga?
    Andrea Shriver

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