Mid week – Dharamsala

My registration badge for the teachings.

At night, the city is vibrantly alive and astonishes the senses.

Put a word in with His Holiness for me tomorrow…

Namaste everyone,

Its Wednesday here in Dharamsala and I have finally hit my groove in regards to making contacts for my research topic.  I have met 4 amazingly knowledgeable people whom I have already spoken with and have offered me their continued support and input.  Grace abounds.

One gentleman is a Tibetan refugee and restaurant owner here in town, another is also a Tibetan refugee who works at the guest house I’m staying in, a third is the manager of the Central Tibetan Administration Office store, and the most recent contact I have made, and perhaps the best, is a Tibetan woman who is the executive director of the Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy.  Most serendipitous indeed.

Tsering Tsomo, the director of TCHRD, presented a discussion today at the Tibetan Museum about the current human rights situation in Tibet.  I was able to introduce myself and visit with her after the presentation and learned an invaluable amount in our short visit.  My research project has picked up tremendous steam and I am becoming more excited with every conversation I become engaged.

Tomorrow I will be attending Day 1 of a 3 day teaching by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama on the topic of Buddhism and meditation located at the Main Temple.  With that said, I am keeping this one short as I will be up at 5:00am tomorrow morning in order to secure a decent place in the first come first line for the first teaching which begins at 9:30am.

The food and coffee shops here are out of this world….

As always, I’m posting a few pictures for your enjoyment J



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