Hot in Mussoorie

Namaste everyone,

The heat is on.  It was nearly 100 degrees in Mussoorie today and I think everyone is awaiting the first rains of the monsoon and the cooler temps that follow.  After returning from Dharamsala I jumped back into my Hindi language studies and wrapped up my third full week of study here.  It’s a difficult language, especially the placement of prepositions; however I am making good progress and continue to work very hard at perfecting my speech.

Walked down to the bazaar today and picked up some Khadi cotton fabric for my first pair of kurta pajamas, a traditional loose pant and shirt set commonly worn by Indian men.  Looks promising in the hot weather and I should probably stand out even more now.

Sleep has been a short commodity this week as I have been working both ends of the fire; trying to wrap up all my notes from last week’s research in Dharamsala and my return to Hindi language study this week.   Hard to believe I have already been in India for one month!  Five more weeks of Hindi study and then my research and exploration of India continue, starting with a short trip over to Amritsar in the Punjab and then onward to Varanasi and into the footsteps of the Buddha, including Sarnath, Bodh Gaya, and Patna.

Signing off from Mussoorie, India whilst listening to The Spinners; needed my small dose of America today.


Sunset in Mussoorie


Delhi airport art piece

Buddhist monk “surfing the web” on his cell phone in Dharamsala. Not an unusual site there.



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