Monsoon in Mussoorie

When the rain comes…


The Monsoon has arrived in Mussoorie.  During these past few days, the temperatures have been quite cooler in the daytime and there has been an accumulation of fog throughout the day in the highest parts of this mile high Hill Station.  I have been told the Monsoon is about two weeks late this year, however residents are still hopeful for a full two and half months of much needed rain.

It’s quite spectacular to be walking up through Char Dukan, towards the Language School, and have fog swirling all around.  There is a certain sense of contradiction in the land here; one of both excitement at the coming Monsoon and there is also this easily felt sense of calm and serenity that has now washed over this community.

This morning, I ventured up the hill to Prakash’s market for a much talked about cinnamon roll.  I was pleasantly surprised and soon forgot about the 20 minute uphill trek that was needed to fulfill this desire.  After a lemon ginger tea, I headed back down the hill and deep into the bazaar to purchase more cotton fabric for some clothes I’m having made.  It’s pretty cool to walk into a clothing store, have the owner kindly help you pick your heart’s desire and then ring a trusted tailor who comes rushing over to take your measurements and negotiate the price with you.  I will be picking up my hand stitched clothes in one week’s time.

Beautiful sunset in Landour

My Hindi is coming along slowly but with great enthusiasm and understanding of the culture and history that are both so deeply rooted in her words.  It’s hard to believe that my time in Mussoorie is nearly half- over now.   In July, I will be wrapping up my Hindi studies and continuing my discovery of this great country.

Women carrying goods along the road in Landour Cantt.


Disappearing into the fog

The fog swirls around the area in early morning



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