My first Indian dinner party…

Namaste everyone,

I am uploading a couple pictures from a dinner party I was invited to by one of my Hindi teachers here in Landour.

From the moment I entered the door of my teacher’s home, I was made to feel very much like a guest of honor and I would imagine the few other students who were also invited felt exactly the same way.  My teacher, Alka-Ji, lives in a modest home on the grounds of The Woodstock School, where her husband is the purchasing director.  The Woodstock School is a world renowned private education institution nestled deep in the hills of Mussoorie and provides a top notch, Christian based, education to children grades K – 12.

Alka – Ji and her husband have two wonderful children, Jianth 11 and his sister Dyksha 12.  Dinner included some very mouth-watering traditional Indian dishes, which I so unfortunately forgot to photograph – I was hungry!  Alka – Ji whipped up the Indian meal staple of Dahl – a small bean like pulse similar to a lentil or pea prepared with tomatoes, onion, and various secret spices; Rice – rice is rice no matter where you go; Chapattis – a small ground flour tortilla like flat bread that is served piping hot and is also used somewhat as a utensil, gripped with you middle finger and thumb and using your index finger to create a type of scoop like edible utensil…quite clever and crafty; Chili chicken – almost like a Tandoori chicken, this dish was made up of small bone in pieces of chicken that were fire grilled and then smothered in a mild red chili sauce with turmeric; Squash – sautéed with curry, onions, and garlic; Raita – a cool and refreshing yogurt based salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, and cilantro; and Kheer – a tapioca like riced based pudding made by boiling rice in milk and later adding almonds, a touch of vanilla, eggs, and sugar.

If you’ve made it this far in my post you’re probably thinking about grabbing a snack right about now.  I don’t blame you.

From Mussoorie….

The gang at Alka-Ji’s house with her husband, daughter Dyksha, and Pug Maggie.

Alka-Ji, Meg, and myself. How about that nice looking Indian Kurta I’m sporting…


1 thought on “My first Indian dinner party…

  1. I know exactly how you feel. Steve and I learned the true definition of hospitalty only after traveling overseas. Now we really try to go above and beyond when we have guest come to our home. I love to see your posts. Keep them coming 🙂

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