As squirrels and birds may dominate the urban landscape in America, here it is monkeys who seem to rule the roost and outnumber most other animals.  I have seen just two types of monkeys here in India, the brown furred Macaque,or local monkey, and the grey furred, black faced Langur monkeys which are a bit more rare in this area.

Each type of monkey, while certainly displaying similar and shared traits like times of feedings and usual activity, their very social and protective nature, and their propensity for mischief also keep very much to themselves and do not socialize or interact outside their own kind.

Mornings are the best time to see the monkeys as they are out with their young looking for the choicest treats tossed to the trash bin by their upright relatives.  At my guest house, I am usually awoken by the sound of 3 or 4 large monkeys landing on the top of my tin roof after what seems to be a 200 foot drop from a nearby tree.  The first week I thought perhaps a war zone had begun in the middle of the night only to later discover that my roof provides the best and most efficient route to the trees bearing the tastiest leaves and of course the water spicket, which they have so cleverly learned to operate even going so far as to show their concern for our planet by turning it off after most uses.

Enjoy these great pictures!

A group of Macaques rooftop early in the morning

A rather sage like Langur monkey sitting atop a wall

Don’t touch the third rail!

A Macaque mother with her infant

Macaque infant playing in the tree

A Langur monkey that has climbed rather dextrously to the very end of a slender branch to reach the leaves he wanted

Langur monkey wondering why I’m looking at him

Langur monkey rooftoop


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